I was tasked with creating a conceptual advertising campaign for any company or brand I thought could do with stronger branding. I chose to go with the British Heart Foundation as I felt they needed something to grab an audiences attention more, as I felt at the time it wasn’t captivating enough.

Researching into what their adverts were like currently I felt they were too “nice” which may sound daft, but I felt as if they didn’t grab people enough. I wanted to do something which would shock people a bit more and really get them thinking about BHF which would hopefully lead to more brand awareness and donations.

Mock up image of a British Heart Foundation Advert on an iPad
British Heart Foundation advert on a mock up billboard

I also did some research on some other brands and charities who use shock factor to try and promote themselves. Although some may find the imagery a bit uneasy to look at, I feel it directly addresses the issue at hand, the heart. Providing short facts and sentences to try and grab people.

An advertising campaign like this may split opinion a bit, but the main target was to make people aware and get people talking about BHF and the issues they tackle, which is what I hope this would achieve were it to be implemented.

British Heart Foundation advert in a mock up magazine
British Heart Foundation advert
British Heart Foundation advert
British Heart Foundation advert