This was a project to create a restaurant brand. I chose to go with Chinese and created the name Hùnhé which means “Mix” in Chinese. I had often admired The East and wanted to work this into a project and this was ideal, taking inspiration from Chinese watercolour paintings as the basis of the brand, to try and create something contemporary with a traditional twist.

I created some original artwork which would be used for interior decor, menus etc as well as doing a whole host of mark making which would be used in menus and other promotional items to try and tie the brand together. This was a project which was a lot more handcrafted than anything I had done before, requiring me to learn some new skills.

I also created a hand drawn interior mockup along with real wooden placemats and coasters which had all been engraved with artwork using a wood burning pen, something I had never used previously. It was a challenge and something completely new to me but I wanted to get really involved with the process. In the image slider below you can also see the full created menu as well as promotional material.