This was an advertising brief I took on set by D&AD. The premise of the brief was to create an advertising campaign for Toms : One for One campaign. It was to live physically as well as online and had to try an engage with a younger audience.

My take on the campaign was to try and create something which involved “everyone”. The main part of my campaign was to develop a series of posters, some of which you see here which had faces from around the world on all of whom were generally in the 18-25 age range. This was with the idea it includes all, as Toms is a global product.

I also used the list of names down the posters to further the idea of it being a product for all, including everyone. On top of these posters as the main part of the campaign I adapted Toms current website to use the new campaign (including the ability for users to generate their own campaign poster), generated Twitter ads, and created point of sale advertisements. All of these you can see in the image slider at the bottom of the page.